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The idea for the campaign was born through mere coincidence, as a letter adressed to satis&fly reached us jonce again. That made us think of creating our very own airline (full service, of course - not the low-budget kind). After all, we onboard new crew every day. But we would like to welcome even more.

satis crew, please prepare for landing.

crew love

We employ many freelance technicians and builders. Maybe you are already one of them. Or you‘d like to join the crew. In those cases, you‘ve reached your destination – either as a freelancer or as an employee. We‘re looking for passionate and enthusiastic crew members nonstop.


Take off with us - if you love the shot of adrenalin right before the show when the lights are dimmed, if you‘re not afraid to work hard, sweat and eat crew catering, if you want to be part of something big.


We promise you big jobs, worldwide tours, state of the art equipment, the best co-workers in the world, lots of crew love and, most of all, the good feeling of having been a part of it all.

Our Journey

  • Take Off

    Take Off

    Nico Ubenauf and Kai Weiberg took off with satis&fy in 1993, as a lighting and audio equipment company. They brought along an entourage of friends. A lot has happened since then. The scope of services has multiplied. Heaps of manpower were added, too.

  • Nonstop satis&fy

    Nonstop satis&fy

    We‘ve always been working the exciting jobs, the ones with unmatched challenges, the ones you can only push through with a well-tried team. People who outgrow themselves. People like you!

  • Explore the world

    Explore the world

    Working for us means exploring the world. Our crew travels a lot. Large scale projects in Brazil, the USA and Asia are common. Check in and you‘ll fly around the world!

  • Ever Rising

    Ever Rising

    As one of the event industry‘s market leaders, to inspire and create new things is our daily goal. We can only achieve this with a crew that is engaged and enthusiastic. You know what you are capable of and think you‘re just what we need? Then come aboard!

  • Be Part
    Of Our


Take off, if nothing‘s weighing you down.
Our crew booking team is open to all of your questions.

Tobias Klauth

Tobias Klauth


Benjamin Jochlik

Benjamin Jochlik

Lighting & Rigging

Christine Dietz

Christine Dietz


Katja Köstler

Katja Köstler


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